TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – What looks like another empty plot of land now will soon be an area where families can call home.

New Directions House Incorporated is a non-profit organization based in northern Illinois, 30 minutes west of Chicago. Going on 30 years, New Directions has constructed and renovated many properties for low-income families, seniors and work-force housing.

The non-profit is jumping the state line to bring new apartments to Terre Haute. The project is located just off 3rd Street at approximately 1325 North 4th Street.

Right now, that property is 7-acres of vacant land from 4th to 7th Avenue. The plan is to build 40 two-bedroom, two-bathroom, single-story apartments in those empty plots.

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority is financing the project, and the local Thrive West Central is providing a $245,000 grant for infrastructure costs.

New Direction’s president, Rodger Brown, says he’s looking forward to doing something for our city.

“When we came to Terre Haute to start meeting with local leaders and talking about it, they all kinda echoed that sentiment – said the same thing – we need new housing here. So, wer’re happy to help,” said Brown.

One Terre Haute resident has lived in this area for over 50 years. As a kid, he even went the Rea Elementary School that used to sit in the empty plot. He seems to be on board with the development in this neighborhood.

“Terre haute.. born and raise here.. and I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever leave,” said Russell Gillihand, resident.

Russell Gillihand and his dog, Rocko, live in his childhood home on the corner of 6th Street and 4th Avenue. Just a couple blocks away from the new development site. Terre Haute leaders aren’t the only ones who’ve notced a lack in housing.

“All these fields around here.. I don’t know if you noticed, but they’re empty. Homes would be great. Build this place back up. It’s just naked around here now,” said Gillihand.

Rodger Brown explains why it’s important to provide this type of housing.

“Every community that we work in there’s a need for affordable housing. We found that all throughout Illinois, and I assume indiana has a lot of the same characteristics. We’ve got waiting lists on all of our developments. We haven’t come across a situation where there isn’t a need somewhere somehow,” said Brown.

Gillihand is just happy to hear more neighbors will be coming to the area!

“All they’re doing is cutting grass. I think they need to put something up to help Terre Haute grow again. I’d love to see that.. especially before I go. I want to see some neighbors,” said Gillihand.

Brown says he hopes to break ground in the first quarter of 2024 and to have the project complete by or right before the start of 2025.

Source: WTHI-TV10