Welcome to Thrive West Central! We’re here to connect citizens of West Central Indiana to services and resources to improve their quality of life. Whether you need help with aging services, caring for an aging loved one, funding your startup, getting from place to place, or developing your community, Thrive is here to help you reach your goals. Our goal is to work with local and federal organizations to support the people of West Central Indiana.

We know that developing your community, caring for an aging loved one, and growing your business can be overwhelming. That’s why Thrive’s team is trained to connect you to the best resource for your needs and better your quality of life. With nearly 55 years of experience and a dedicated team, Thrive is your one-stop shop for whatever resources you may need! Thrive groups our services into four main areas.

Aging & Disabled Resources

We know that finding ways to age comfortably and with dignity, caring for an aging or disabled loved, and being aware of all of the resources can be a daunting task. Thrive has trained and certified teams to help you. Our goal is to help keep older and disabled individuals healthy, independent, and self-sufficient for as long as possible, while also relieving their caretakers of stress.

Community Development

Our team of experienced planners, grant writers, and technical experts can help you strategize, plan, identify funding, and implement your projects to reach your goals in a way that tells your community’s story. Whatever your community’s goals are, Thrive is here to help make them a reality.


Thrive has partnered with Capital Stacker to become West Central Indiana’s Regional Housing Optimizer. Thrive is leading the way for high-capacity, high-quality, age-friendly housing and changing the housing ecosystem for a more prosperous tomorrow.


Thrive Rural Transit helps individuals of any age get around West Central Indiana. We are a safe, reliable, public transportation provider that is bringing quality transit to rural areas.

at thrive we care about communities

With over 55 years of experience, Thrive has a rich history of supporting the West Central Region. In 1968, we were designated as the first Economic Development Division in Indiana, and we were declared the Indiana Area 7 Agency on the Aging and Disabled in 1974. Since then, Thrive has grown and expanded, all while becoming the area’s top agency for economic and community development. We now offer technical assistance, data collection, and support to 13 counties. Our core counties of service with the most programming include Clay, Montgomery, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, Vermillion, and Vigo Counties.

Experience the Thrive Difference 

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can help your community thrive.


Thrive is the perfect choice for A variety of your needs.

Thrive serves all your needs, from community and business development, to aging resources to transit to housing! We have connections to hundreds of local and federal resources, grants, and funds, such as:

  • Revolving Loan Fund for your business

  • Grants to help your community grow
  • Access to caretakers and resources for aging and disabled loved ones

  • Low-cost transportation in Vigo, Parke, and Vermillion Counties

  • Multiple housing programs, skilled project managers, and technical assistance for housing production

  • A free-to-use Crossroads Trails app that has mapped our region’s many trails, parks, and more.

  • GIS mapping, data collection, planning, research, storytelling, and more!

All of these resources are available to aid you in reaching your goals, growing your community or business, and protecting aging or disabled loved ones. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help make your life happier and easier!

People Matter At Thrive

At THRIVE we focus on trying to make a difference for both our communities and the individuals that make up our community.

When you join our team, you are starting a journey to improve your community. Many on our team started just wanting a job, once here they have stayed and turned THRIVE into a career, no matter which one you are looking for, we have a place for you.

People Matter At Thrive

Made up of 60+ trained and caring individuals, the Thrive team is excited to help you reach your goals! Our staff is compassionate and efficient and works hard to listen to your needs and find resources to help you thrive! Meet our passionate team below!

Ryan Keller
Ryan KellerChief Executive Officer
Shelly Madden
Shelly MaddenChief Operating Officer
Gabriel Cheek
Gabriel CheekChief Technology Officer & Marketing
Dana McLain
Dana McLainController
Shelly Amerman
Shelly AmermanPublic Relations Manager
Jessica Taylor
Jessica TaylorVice President of Aging
Ashley Gordon
Ashley GordonDirector of Human Resources
Karen Schneiders
Karen SchneidersDirector of Community Development
Julie Hart
Julie HartDirector of Housing
Courtney Holston
Courtney HolstonDirector of Health & Wellness & TBI
Holly Hall
Holly HallDirector of Pathways & Encompass
Amber Scott
Amber ScottDirector of ADRC
Matthew Tribble
Matthew TribbleDirector of Transportation
Kristine Krueger
Kristine KruegerAssociate Director of Community Development
Leah Sparks
Leah SparksQuality and Training Manager
Chris Durcholz
Chris DurcholzLeadership Coach
Becky Edwards
Becky EdwardsReception
Kirrsten Todd
Kirrsten ToddReception
Alison Bryant
Alison BryantAccount Specialist
Tyler Hudson
Tyler HudsonGIS Analyst
Jordan Cunningham
Jordan Cunningham Grant Writer
Chris Hicks
Chris HicksData Collection Specialist
Michele Barrett
Michele BarrettUrban Growth Strategist
Clara Thompson
Clara ThompsonHousing Resource Specialist
Lora Hyde
Lora HydeSenior I&A Specialist
Melissa Griese
Melissa GrieseService Coordinator
Steve Caldwell
Steve CaldwellOption Counselor
Salina Pethtel
Salina PethtelOption Counselor
Lillian Switzer
Lillian SwitzerOption Counselor
Morgan Thompson
Morgan ThompsonOption Counselor
Sam Maudlin
Sam MaudlinCare Manager
Dana Reese
Dana ReeseCare Manager
Lacy Irwin
Lacy IrwinCare Manager
Rachael Edwards
Rachael EdwardsCare Manager
Alyssa Greenburg
Alyssa GreenburgCare Manager
Melissa Craft
Melissa CraftCare Manager
Tabitha Russell
Tabitha RussellCare Manager
Patty Butterfield
Patty ButterfieldCare Manager
Robbin Stratton
Robbin StrattonCare Manager
Wendy Brys
Wendy BrysTransit Vehicle Operator - Dispatch
Philip Haverly
Philip HaverlyTransit Vehicle Operator
Lisa Herzog
Lisa HerzogTransit Vehicle Operator
Micheal Crowley
Micheal CrowleyTransit Vehicle Operator
Brett Johnson
Brett JohnsonTransit Vehicle Operator
Thomas Nichols
Thomas NicholsTransit Vehicle Operator
Bobbi Osborn
Bobbi OsbornTransit Vehicle Operator
Darlene Brown
Darlene BrownSHIP Counselor
Diana Thompson
Diana ThompsonSHIP Counselor
Terri Loveall
Terri LoveallSHIP Counselor
Jonathan Shelley
Jonathan ShelleyInformation Technology
Leylei Rendón
Leylei RendónCare Assistant
Erica Smith
Erica SmithCare Assistant

Board of Directors

Jim Meece
Jim MeecePresident - Commisioner
Larry Moss
Larry MossVice President - Councilman
Tim Garrett
Tim GarrettSecretary - Private Sector Appointee
Bill Rennels
Bill RennelsTreasurer - Councilman
Phil Gick
Phil GickCouncilman
Brian Wyndham
Brian WyndhamMayor
Marie Theisz
Marie TheiszCouncilwoman
Paul Sinders
Paul SindersCommissioner
David Berry
David BerryCommissioner
Mark Clinkenbeard
Mark ClinkenbeardCommissioner
Samantha Cooper
Samantha CooperPrivate Sector Appointee
Andy Stone
Andy StonePrivate Sector Appointee
Doug Weisheit
Doug WeisheitPrivate Sector Appointee
Chadd Jenkins
Chadd JenkinsPrivate Sector Appointee
Cory Lookebill
Cory LookebillPrivate Sector Appointee
Dave Williams
Dave WilliamsPrivate Sector Appointee
Lynda Dunbar
Lynda DunbarMayor
JD Wilson
JD WilsonMayor
Brandon Sakbun
Brandon SakbunMayor
Melissa Buell
Melissa BuellCouncilwoman
Bob Davis
Bob DavisCommissioner
Brendan Kearns
Brendan KearnsPrivate Sector Appointee
  • Vigo County, IN – In November of 2023, Vigo County Council and Terre Haute City Council committed to investing a total of 10 million dollars in Thrive’s Homes For The Future program.   This initiative focuses on producing quality, age-friendly homes

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  • SPARK Loans Success Stories Thrive is proud to offer the SPARK Revolving Loan fund to our region, allowing local entrepreneurs to start or grow their small businesses! With over 1 million dollars in lending capital and flexible rates, the SPARK

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  • In May 2022, Thrive West Central secured an Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Assessment grant. The award of 0,000 will enable Thrive to partner with the Vermillion County Redevelopment Commission to complete activities that will assess, inventory, characterize brownfield properties, create

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