West Central, IN – Thrive West Central is paving the way to the future of sustainable housing with its innovative “Homes for the Future” program. The new initiative aims to stimulate the production of quality, age-friendly homes throughout West Central Indiana, addressing the region’s burgeoning demand for sustainable, future-ready housing.

This initiative recently completed its first round. Thrive is pleased to share that it had seven projects submitted and awards $952,500, which will develop 130 new housing units throughout the West Central region. This program funding helps builders and developers cover the gap of increased infrastructure costs. Awarded projects are:

  • Southard Homes, LLC: The City of Terre Haute In-fill project is awarded $97,500. This project will develop 15 new modern, single-family, age-friendly homes retailing for around $140,000 each.
  • Southard Homes, LLC: The Terre Vista project is awarded $120,000. This project features the creation of ten larger, more modern single-family homes retailing between $370,000 – $400,000 each.
  • Southard Homes, LCC: The Southard Acres West project is set to build 17 single-family, detached homes. This will be a modern, age-friendly development with homes retailing around $225,000. This project was awarded $245,000.
  • Emmert Property Management: The Windbreaker Flats project is a new apartment development in Brazil, the largest city in Clay County. This project was awarded $245,000 and will develop 48 age-friendly apartments which range from one to two bedrooms. This is a 3.82milliondollar investment in Clay County.
  • Brown Developments, LLC: The River Valley Apartments project was awarded $245,000 and will bring 40 modern, age-friendly apartments to the City of Terre Haute. This project is geared toward seniors who are looking to age in place and is located near the Union Hospital campus. This project captures a 12.3-million-dollar investment in the community.

“Homes for the Future is the catalyst for an exciting new era of home development in our region,” says Ryan Keller, Executive Director for Thrive West Central. “ Each of these projects captures a much-needed segment of the market, and we envision a future where sustainable, age-friendly homes are the norm – providing an environment where our communities can thrive for decades to come.

Thrive will open up the next round of the READI Homes for the Future funding on Friday, September 1, 2023, with a closing date tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 11, 2023. Thrive welcomes and encourages all builders and developers to apply and is ready and able to offer technical assistance on application development.

Thrive West Central invites interested applicants to access its Resource Library to view Housing Studies, Market Potential research, and the Homes for the Future Program at www.thrivewestcentral.com/housing to better understand the specific housing needs within the eligible regions.

The “Homes for the Future” program is not just about numbers but quality as well. To fulfill this ambitious vision, Thrive West Central is committed to partnering with developers and builders that prioritize quality, sustainability, and the incorporation of age-friendly housing design principles.

Thrive West Central is pioneering an innovative, collaborative, and sustainable approach to housing, meeting the needs of our growing and diverse communities head-on. The “Homes for the Future” program represents a significant step towards a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future for West Central Indiana.