Terre Haute, IN –– Thrive West Central is thrilled to announce one of our newest innovative initiatives for seniors and aging individuals in our region, the Thrive Foundation. This foundation will serve to support, implement, and develop creative and practical projects and programs for aging and senior individuals in the West Central Region. Similarly, the Thrive Foundation will consider aging individuals’ economic, social, health, housing, transportation, educational, and recreational needs when developing projects. Primarily, the Thrive Foundation will support the existing efforts of Thrive West Central to better the quality of life for senior citizens, while also initiating new programs and developing new ideas. Thrive Foundation will also serve to allocate funds and resources towards Thrive West Central’s numerous aging and senior resource programs.

The Thrive Foundation will consist of seven community members and developers. Ryan Keller, Executive Director of Thrive West Central, will serve as the Chairman of Directors for the Thrive Foundation. The following will serve as Thrive Foundation’s Board of Directors:

  • Brian Dyer, the Senior Vice President & Trust Officer at Terre Haute Savings Bank
  • Hicham Rahmouni, the Executive Director at Richard G. Lugar Center for Rural Health in Terre Haute, IN
  • Jon Ford, Director of Business Development at Thrive West Central
  • Rachel Leslie, Chief Executive Officer at RJL Solutions
  • David Templeton, Vice President of Templeton Coal Company, Inc.
  • Richard Shagley II, Attorney at Wright, Shagley, and Lowery

The Thrive Foundation’s Board of Directors will hold their first meeting on August 2nd to approve the foundation’s bylaws and begin serving West Central Indiana’s senior population.