As of July 1, 2023, Thrive is proud to introduce the Encompass Care and Service program to our region! Funded by a grant from Department of Mental Health and Addictions (DMHA), Encompass Care and Service will provide and support mental health care for those over 60 years old with a serious mental illness (SMI).

The Encompass program works alongside an individual’s other care providers –– including general health, behavioral health, and in-home care –– to coordinate a care plan and ensure the safety of the individual. Encompass Service Coordinators will spend time with and listen to the patient while identifying any unmet needs, performing risk assessments, and providing support to caregivers. Through these practices, Encompass hopes to better the care of elderly individuals living with a SMI in our region.

Holly Hall, Thrive’s Quality Assurance Specialist and the leader of the Encompass Program, explained that “Encompass Service Coordinators will have the time to really get to know the enrollee, understand their strengths and goals, identify gaps in service, and work to fill those gaps,” at no cost to the enrollee or their provider. This allows individuals to receive better care, support, and aid without having to worry about finances!

“There are many gaps in our community’s mental and behavioral health provision, as well as in the overall care received by older adults experiencing mental health issues,” Hall elaborated. “[Encompass] will connect them [to] needed services, help them be better self-advocates, and develop a stronger system of support with the enrollee at the center.”

As Encompass grows in our community, Thrive recognizes the collaborative effort that the program requires. Thrive’s team has worked with behavioral and general health providers, along with the Hamilton Center, to design and plan the program.

Through the program, “[n]ew relationships are being developed and existing relationships are growing for the benefit of people over 60 with a serious mental illness,” Hall stated.

Thrive’s employees will also have the opportunity to attend the Hamilton Center’s Mental Health First Aid training at the beginning of October. This experience will teach our team how to identify the symptoms of mental illness, provide aid during mental health crises, and connect struggling individuals with medical help when necessary. We are excited to watch our team and our community grow in their understanding of mental illness!

The Encompass Care and Service program is available to those who are 60 years of age or older, have been diagnosed with a SMI, and live with an impairment that interferes with one major life activity. To find out if you are eligible, or to make a referral, reach out to us at 812-238-1561 or email us at