West Central, IN – The Homes For The Future Program, through Thrive West Central, continues to contract housing units and build momentum through customized programs created with the Vigo County Steering Committee.

The Homes For The Future Program recently completed its fourth round utilizing ARPA funding from Vigo County and the City of Terre Haute and READI funding. Thrive is pleased to share that it received eight applications and awarded $589,754 to six projects. These projects will develop 43 new housing units in Clay, Sullivan, and Vigo Counties and rehabilitate 13 housing units on 5 blighted properties within the City of Terre Haute.

This round of awards produced the first awards in the Small Builder, Non-Profit Builder and Blight and Rehabilitation programs. “What I really like about the housing plan we have developed is that we’ve included all sectors of the home building industry. Large developers are a big part of this program, but equally important are the Small Builder, Not for Profit builders and those that work on Blight and Rehabilitation of our older homes. With this approach, we are able to get more housing units on the market quicker. This also helps us in getting housing of all price ranges on the market. It’s really exciting to see this money getting out into the community and shovels in the ground.” – Commissioner Mark Clinkenbeard

Awarded projects are:

  • Terre Haute Area Association of Realtors (THAAR): The Veterans Village Project will provide transitional housing to homeless Veterans in Vigo County. These tiny homes will be constructed at 2441 Maple Ave. in Terre Haute, IN. These six tiny homes will be one bedroom and one bathroom, with a nice kitchen and living area as well as proximity to other veterans. A City ARPA investment of $45,000 resulted in a private investment of $461,010 into the project. This is the first award in the Non-Profit Builder Program.
  • Highland Property Group, LLC.: This Vacant Property Rehabilitation Project will transform 13 housing units in Terre Haute, IN. This includes the remodeling of homes, duplexes, and apartments of five blighted properties in Terre Haute. The rehabilitation of these units will help revive neighborhoods. This is the first award in the Blighted and Rehabilitation Program. A City ARPA investment of $97,500 will result in a private investment of $1,625,000.
  • Highland Development Group, LLC.: The Vigo Infill Development Project adds nine single-family detached homes throughout Vigo County. These 1,300 sq ft homes include 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a 2-car garage and several high-end finishes. These homes will be built on underused or vacant land to increase density and place new development near existing resources and infrastructure. These homes will have a market value of $227,500 each. A private investment of $2,047,500 will result from a City ARPA investment of $83,615 and a County ARPA investment of $23,890.
  • Wallace Building Contractors, Inc.: This city project will bring 8 single-family detached homes to the College Street Neighborhood. This project will include (6) three-bedroom homes and (2) two-bedroom homes ranging from 1100 to 1300 sq ft. All will include 2 bathrooms, an attached 1 car garage, and a beautifully covered front porch. The homes will also include energy-efficient appliances and be single-level to accommodate a wide variety of needs. These homes will sell between $169,900-$189,700. A City ARPA investment of $77,400 will support the infrastructure of this project and generate $1,478,000 in private investments.
  • Bricks & Gables, Inc.: The Wabash project will generate 9 homes in the City of Sullivan, IN, to continue the movement of neighborhood revitalization. These single-family detached homes will be built on the empty city lot of Broad and Washington Streets. The 2 and 3-bedroom homes will be approximately 1400 sq ft, including a garage, and have a selling price of $199,900. This project also includes one home in Clay County’s Forest Green Subdivision. This 1500 sq ft home will include high-end windows, high-efficiency HVAC, and an energy-efficient water heater and will sell for $307,500. The Wabash project will have a READI 1 investment of $142,899 and will result in a $2,106,600 private investment.
  • Bricks & Gables, Inc.: This East Side project will bring 6 new homes to the Terre Vista Subdivision and 4 new homes to the Eastland Estates Subdivision in Vigo County. These beautiful homes are 1,600 square feet and are finished with beautiful fireplaces, high-end appliances, and other beautiful amenities. These homes will be sold for $347,200, and the project will generate $3,742,000 in private investments. An infrastructure investment of $71,670 in ARPA City funds and $47,780 in ARPA County will support the development of this project.

“Thrive is gearing up for the next stage of initiatives such as launching the Hoosier Homes Program, the development of a Pattern Book, Launching Club 720, and more, says Ryan Keller, CEO of Thrive West Central. “We are only in the beginning stages of building our housing ecosystem and there is so much more to come over the next few years – stay tuned!”

Thrive West Central invites interested applicants to access its Resource Library to view Housing Studies and Residential Market Potential research at Housing Hub/Resource Library

to understand the specific housing needs within the eligible regions and to learn more about each unique Homes For The Future program.

The Request For Proposal (RFP) is an online, rolling application Homes For The Future RFP. Applications are reviewed, and awards will be made monthly. Applicants are encouraged to contact Thrive for a review of their project and application before submitting it to ensure accuracy, competitiveness, and compliance.

Thrive West Central serves as the regional housing optimizer. Thrive plans to roll out more products and programming in the upcoming weeks, such as Hoosier Homes, a downpayment assistance program, educational workshops, Club 720 platform, and more.