Vigo County, IN – In November of 2023, Vigo County Council and Terre Haute City Council committed to investing a total of 10 million dollars in Thrive’s Homes For The Future program.   This initiative focuses on producing quality, age-friendly homes throughout Vigo County and the City of Terre Haute, to address the demand for sustainable, future-ready housing. Thrive West Central is leading the initiative while utilizing the Vigo Housing Steering Committee.

The Vigo Housing Steering Committee reflects the county’s and the city’s great collaboration efforts to meet a variety of housing needs throughout.  Recently, the committee endorsed local programming to entice housing developments. “We recognize the need in our community for housing of all levels and believe this program will lead to more people making Vigo County their home,” stated Commissioner Mark Clinkenbeard and Housing Steering Committee member.

The Homes For The Future Program has categories specifically for Vigo County and the City of Terre Haute, which reflects individualized infrastructure support for:

  • Professional Builders
  • Small Builders
  • Rehab housing
  • Non-Profit

“I’m excited to see what these new programs initiate for Homes For the Future in Vigo County. Since the new programs encompass other types of builders, for example, rehab housing, we hope to see uninhabitable buildings come to life, which will change the landscape of some communities,”- Ryan Keller, CEO of Thrive West Central.

“Housing is a key issue facing Hoosiers across the state. Terre Haute is committed to rebuilding its neighborhoods block by block and brick by brick. This program helps us build back better.” –Mayor Brandon Sakbun.

Thrive West Central invites interested applicants to access its Resource Library to view Housing Studies and Residential Market Potential research to better understand the specific housing needs within Vigo County and to learn more about specific Homes For The Future programming.

The Request For Proposal (RFP) is an online, monthly rolling application until all funds have been allocated. Reviews and Awards will be made on a monthly basis. Applicants are encouraged to contact Thrive for a review of the project and application before submitting it to ensure accuracy, competitiveness, and compliance.

In the upcoming weeks, Thrive plans to roll out more products and programming to the West Central housing ecosystem, such as educational workshops, the Club 720 platform, collaborations with businesses within the housing ecosystem, and more.

Thrive West Central serves as the regional housing optimizer. Thrive is also the administrator for multiple housing programming, a convenor of local housing steering committees, and an advocate for housing development and the professionals who work in that space.