Regional Development

Site Development and Pre-site planning

This program works with private developers and landowners to transform underutilized sites into highly productive destinations.

Transforming Communities with Catalyst Sites and Predevelopment Services

At the Thrive West Central Housing Hub, we specialize in developing Catalyst Sites, key areas identified for housing development that significantly contribute to community revitalization and economic growth. We focus on creating sustainable, vibrant neighborhoods that meet the growing need for affordable and workforce housing.

Why Catalyst Sites Matter

Community Revitalization

Catalyst Sites are strategically chosen to maximize community impact, often revitalizing underused or neglected areas and turning them into thriving residential spaces.

Economic Growth

By fostering housing development, these sites stimulate local economies, attracting investment and enhancing the overall quality of life.

Meeting Housing Demand

With a sharp focus on affordable and workforce housing, Catalyst Sites address critical housing shortages, ensuring that everyone has access to quality homes.

Our Predevelopment Services

For Local Governments

We collaborate closely with local governments to align housing projects with broader urban planning goals, ensuring that each development positively impacts the wider community.

For Employers

We assist employers in creating housing solutions that benefit their workforce, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention, and contributing to a stable, vibrant community.

For Landowners

We offer expert guidance to landowners looking to contribute to housing development, ensuring that their land is utilized effectively and aligns with community needs.

Our approach is comprehensive – from site selection and feasibility studies to navigating zoning and financing complexities. We’re committed to transforming these Catalyst Sites into thriving communities, bringing together local governments, employers, landowners, and residents to create a shared vision for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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