Building Community Capacity

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Discover a dynamic approach to housing growth with Thrive West Central Housing Resource Hub. As your ‘Mobile Housing Department,’ we’re here to streamline housing development in your community and bring about real, meaningful transformation.

Trusted Partner

Why Choose Thrive?

Has your community struggled to grow its population? Are your employers begging for more employees? Does your community struggle to have enough funding to cover everything that needs to be done? If so, you are not alone. Most communities in Indiana struggle with these issues. We understand that housing development comes with a unique set of challenges. Challenges that take expertise, understanding, and proven methods of success. With Thrive West Central, you gain a trusted partner with proven expertise and a commitment to making your communities vibrant, thriving places to live.

Our Services

For a modest budget, we provide comprehensive services that include:

  • Housing Strategy Development and Implementation – We develop local capacity to build an ecosystem that supports the long-term high-capacity housing production system.
  • High-Performance Development Team Assembly – We handpick proven private developers experienced in managing complex financial deals.
  • Comprehensive Site Due Diligence – Working closely with your financial advisors and legal team, we ensure a solid foundation for all developments.
  • Strategic Capital Stacking – We utilize our extensive network of local banks, foundations, employers, and more to fill any identified development financing gaps with a blend of traditional and nontraditional financial tools.
  • Review and recommendations – We review and recommend zoning, reporting, data collection, and planning activities to streamline housing development.

Local Stakeholder Involvement

At Thrive West Central, We Believe In The Power Of Community. We Help Assemble A Steering Committee From Key Local Stakeholders To Ensure Your Community’s Voice Is Represented In Prioritizing Sites For Development.

Experience the Thrive Difference 

Choose Thrive West Central Housing Resource Hub and turn housing development challenges into community-enhancing successes. Connect with us today and let’s build thriving communities together. 

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can help your community thrive.